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A vehicle airbag is a deployable safety bag that protects the driver and/or passenger in an accident. The airbag is made from a flexible material that inflates with air or compressed gas, upon a significant automobile accident. They are designed to make drivers feel safer but surprisingly in many cars, it is just the opposite.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration receives countless complaints regarding unintentional airbag deployment and airbag lights constantly going on for no reason with no explanation. If this is happening to you, wed like to hear about it. Under State and Federal laws, drivers could be entitled to new cars, or full or partial refunds for airbag problems they are experiencing.

Airbag deployment malfunctions can occur do to the angle of deployment, the speed of deployment, the completeness of deployment, and/or if the act of deployment does not occur properly during impact. Consumers have complained about airbags problems in many vehicles including Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Impala, Chevy Silverado, Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes E-Class, Chrysler Sebring, Suzuki Ferenza, Toyota Tundra, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can visit our newsroom for more information on airbag-related issues.

Is your airbag light constantly illuminated? Has your airbag deployed when no accident has occurred? If you are experiencing problems with your airbag, please send us details. We will forward e-mails to appropriate organizations that may be able to assist you.